Stephanie Lazar

Stephanie is the kind of friend that would get on a plane at 2 a.m. if I ever needed her. We have been friends since third-grade when we were placed in the same reading group and remained study partners all the way through SAT prep classes. Stephanie and I have always understood each other, we just think alike.

EricaErica Bickhart

Erica transferred to our school in 6th grade. From the moment you meet her, you just know she is someone you want to be friends with. Her sincere, optimistic and mature attitude to life is something I cherish every day.

bridesmaids_logan420Maggie Kullman

Maggie and I have been friends since grade-school. From South Africa to Dallas, we have shared some unforgettable memories and laughs. Her fearless ability to pick-up and move to a new city is remarkable. I seem to be always asking, “where’s Maggie?”

CaitlinCaitlin McCaslin

On my first night at SMU I met Caitlin, and she intimidated the hell out of me. I was a quiet girl from Delaware and Caitlin was the Southern Belle with it all figured out. We very quickly became inseparable, became roommates and forever friends.

bridesmaidsAlex Rice

A year above me at SMU, Alex and I quickly became friends following recruitment my sophomore year. As our friendship developed she soon became a wonderful mentor and I followed in her footsteps becoming the President of our sorority. We have an indescribable bond that very few would understand.

bridesmaidsMadeline Smith

We became friends too late in life, in our junior year at SMU. While we were in the same sorority, we didn’t become friends until we held leadership positions in Delta Gamma. However, I feel like I have known Madeline since elementary school. Her moral compass and sincerity are so special in today’s world.

bridesmaids_logan420Finn Leslie

Finn is my unofficial little sister and is privy to the secret language Logan and I developed. We have spent just about every New Year’s with the Leslie’s, we dress like sisters and have an irreplaceable bond despite only seeing each other once or twice a year.

SarahSarah Daiger

Sarah is my cousin and I see a lot of myself in Sarah. While that may be because she wore all my hand-me-downs, she is such a smart, caring and beautiful person on the inside and out. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and excited she’ll be part of our wedding day.