Jeff Masters

I met Jeff at the same internship I met my beautiful future wife. What an important job to get that summer. Jeff and I immediately connected and realized we had about a thousand of the same interests. I swore some of his stories were so insane he was fibbing, but after hanging out almost every night that summer, I realized that every crazy detail of his stories were probably true. Jeff’s the man.

GroomsmenDaniel Martin

Daniel and I actually met through Loring; they both worked at Weber Shandwick. We became great friends quickly and our special lady friends get along great, so it was a natural bond. He’s probably the only individual that has the same amazing taste and appreciation for music that I do.

GroomsmenTrent Appleby

Trent and I met in the fourth grade. Miss Biggers class (special agent, right?) We went through elementary, middle school and high school together and share the same weird sense of humor and general outlook on life. Our stories of fun times are plentiful. I wouldn’t want to do this without one of my oldest and closest friends.

GroomsmenTyler Creel

Crème de la Creel and I didn’t get along at first and were an unlikely friendship at the beginning. I guess I thought he was too “country” and I don’t even want to know what he first thought of me. But after a year of auto tech class in high school everyday we became close friends. We’ve worked together, lived together and gotten into mischief together. Creelster knows how to have a good time and always has your back no matter what.

GroomsmenMichael Duncan

Michael and I met when we were young through our best friend Sean. No one has ever made me laugh as hard as Michael. He’s most definitely one of the weirdest individuals on the planet, but will always be one of my very best friends. The amount of experiences we’ve shared together has bonded us for life. I stood proud as a groomsmen at his and Haven’s wedding, and I couldn’t do it myself with out him.

GroomsmenTyler Pugsley

Pugsley, The Big Dawg. Tyler and I quickly became friends in college when he smartened up and transferred from College Station to Texas Tech after his freshman year. We always have a good time and find ourselves cracking up over the most ridiculous things. Pugsley and I have so many things in common I feel like we grew up together. No matter what, I know we’re lifelong friends.

GroomsmenMitch Rhame

Mitch and I were friends in high school and ended up being roommates for a year in college. I’ve always loved the dude. I have great respect for Mitchell’s work ethic and dedication; when he puts his mind to something it gets done to perfection. I learned all of my early cooking skills from him. He’s truly an incredible cook. I was quite happy to ask Mitchell to be a part of the wedding party.

GroomsmenTaylor Fall

Last and very least, T Fall. Just kidding, Taylor is the man. He’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. We lived together in college for two and a half years. And while he may not be the cleanest person to live with, he was the best roommate I ever had. We could laugh and entertain ourselves for an entire day doing absolutely nothing. Fall will always be one of my best friends.